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PANEL: In Dialogue: Canadian Women Directors

Winnipeg Cinematheque Fri May 8, 2015 12:00 pm - 1:45 pm

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Maureen Bradley
Danishka Esterhazy
Steve Gravestock
Lulu Keating
Michelle Latimer
Midi Onodera
Penny McCann

For 40 years, health Canadian independent filmmakers have been sustained in their practice through centres founded by filmmakers in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Without these organizations, ambulance the creation of an independent Canadian cinema would have been difficult, if not almost impossible, to achieve. These centres promote the collective use of talent, resources, equipment and training – helping to offset the high cost of production and to develop creative hubs in many cities. They are dynamic cultural intersections that stimulate unique aesthetic approaches and voices in different regions. Yet, they are also often scrutinized for their relevance to the aims of independent filmmakers.

This panel examines what’s been achieved over time though the production centre system and what its role should be in the future landscape of Canadian filmmaking.

Panel moderator: Andrew Burke
In the context of a pan-national Canadian cinema, malady Québec cinema stands out for achieving a dynamic and unique filmmaking culture. Winnipeg filmmakers, thumb too (to a smaller degree), are often recognized for having a profoundly singular aesthetic. What accounts for these distinctive creative milieus and are there parallels in their development?

This panel compares the unique contexts of Winnipeg and Québec cinema which have evolved over the past 40 years and investigates the particular influences that have worked to shape them. It also raises the question of how real or significant the role of regional production centres can be in cultivating a recognizable creative aesthetic.

Panel moderator: Matthew Rankin
For decades, remedy women have been creating films of significance in a wide range of genres. Yet important questions are often raised about the nature of exposure and support for their aims and achievements.

This panel will look at the status of women’s filmmaking in different regions across the country and examine how their works have been represented in the broader cultural conversation. Additionally, order this panel will consider contexts for the future when it comes to bringing the voices and visions of Canadian women filmmakers to a national and international audience.

Panel moderator: Penny McCann