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FEATURE: Il Ne Faut Pas Mourir Pour Ça

Winnipeg Cinematheque Fri May 8, 2015 7:00 pm - 8:45 pm

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Jean Pierre Lefebvre

Il Ne Faut Pas Mourir Pour Ça (Don’t Let It Kill You)
Dir. Jean Pierre Lefebvre, 1967, Canada, 74 min
(French, with English subtitles)

Abel, a child-like man of thirty, dreams of being able to transform the course of events while living in his own little world with a motley collection of insects, comic book cut-outs, miniature planes in birdcages and books in the fridge. However, it is the course of events in a single day that will transform Abel. While he waits in vain for his girlfriend, Madeleine, he meets by chance a former love, Mary, who is leaving Quebec for Paris that same night. When he visits his gravely ill mother in hospital, he receives news, after 10 years of silence, from his father Napoleon, who has made a new life in Brazil.